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I had tried to pray, journal, exercise, and meditate away my internal angst and anger without success. I have gone to a number of therapists including using EMDR. EMDR was helpful but after a few sessions of QNRT, I feel so much more peace. The change in me is remarkable. I highly recommend QNRT and Patti.  



After my first QNRT session with Patti there was a significant physical response of stress release and relaxation. After ongoing sessions I have experienced a continued reduction in stress  and anxiety. Most importantly, the severity of my emotional and physical trigger responses has diminished considerably! 



I've gone most of my life quite boundary-less, doing whatever everyone else wanted to fill a wound of being unloved, unwanted or abandoned. Since I started therapy with Patti, especially QNRT therapy, I finally feel free to say no to others, to take care of myself, and to be the beloved daughter whom God made me to be. Through releasing trauma stored in my nervous system through QNRT therapy, I'm able to react in healthier ways to adverse situations, and I find my life, even among the normal twists and turns, much more manageable. I am so grateful I took this step towards healing, and I highly recommend anyone else to do the same.  



After several years of counseling, changing my diet and taking supplements, disciplined prayer, and spiritual direction, I was discouraged and stuck with some mental and emotional issues. It seemed as though I couldn’t control both my feelings of sadness and anger. Fortunately, Patti offered to try something different called QNRT. This noninvasive therapy completely addressed the emotional traumas that seemed to be stuck in my brain. It felt like someone had turned off the faucet of tears that I had been experiencing and could not control before. My bouts of anger  became a rare occurrence. If I do experience anger, it is extremely mild. This is no coincidence.  I am convinced that QNRT is a highly effective breakthrough in treating and improving mental health issues.    



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