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More Information on QNRT​

We all have past emotional traumas and stress. The question is "how much are these past events affecting our brain today and might not even be aware of "?  Most of us have tried talking, praying, journaling, exercising, ignoring these events but they seem stuck. Studies have shown that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are the cause of many illnesses including anxiety and depression as well as physical ailments such as cancer, autoimmunity and dementia. For more details, see:  


 Emotional events are stored in the nervous system. The brain is out of balance and unable to respond how you might want. Talk therapy can’t address most of these events as they are in the unconscious. QNRT can identify specific adverse events and traumas as well as negative core beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us and even lead to self-sabotaging behaviors.QNRT activates the nervous system and resets the way the brain responds to emotional triggers. Clients who have used QNRT report better sleep, less stress, anxiety, and depression. They also report being happier, have improved relationships, and are more resilient.​QNRT can help with these things and more.

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