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Calm Sea

Amelia Holistic Healing
Integrating the Body, Mind and Soul

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      Integrating the body, mind and soul
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • QNRT® Practitioner
  • Certified Wholistic Methylation® Practitioner
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner

Sometimes, talk therapy isn't enough. Amelia Holistic Healing is an integration of the best practices of psychotherapy, Christian principles, balancing the brain through QNRT®, supporting our epigentics (how our genes are expressing) with Wholistic Methylation®, and health, nutrition, and wellness coaching (exercise, nutritional supplementation, stress management).


Additional Information

Twenty years ago, I struggled with depression along with an exquisite sensitivity to pharmaceuticals. Although I eventually felt better through therapy, underlying causes were never addressed. This lead me to my own personal journey of healing. I have found the modalities of QNRT® and Wholistic Methylation® to be life-changing for both myself and my clients. I have subsequently incorporated these into my present practice. I wish I had known many years ago that there were other ways to approach anxiety and depression other than talk therapy and medication. 

I am passionate about helping people balance their brains and heal their bodies holistically. You don't have to suffer like I did.

I look forward to talking to you in more detail. To set up an appointment, please contact me through this website or my contact information listed below.

Patti Di Rito, LMHC

Phone:  770.845.1646

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